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february, 2020

02feb9:30 am10:30 amGorton Sunday Service

02feb9:30 am10:30 amHale Barns Sunday Service

02feb10:00 am11:00 amUrmston Sunday Service

02feb10:00 am11:00 amMacclesfield Sunday Service

02feb10:30 am11:30 amChorlton Sunday Service

02feb10:45 am11:45 amEccles Sunday Service

02feb10:45 am11:45 amManchester Sunday Service

02feb10:45 am11:45 amStyal Sunday Service

02feb11:00 am12:00 pmOldham Sunday Service

02feb11:00 am12:00 pmKnutsford Sunday Service

02feb11:15 am12:15 pmWilmslow Sunday Service

02feb11:30 am12:30 pmAltrincham Sunday Service

02feb11:30 am12:30 pmMacclesfield Perspectives

02feb2:15 pm3:15 pmRivington Sunday Service

04feb10:00 am11:00 amKnutsford Coffee Morning

04feb10:00 am12:00 pmEccles Tuesday Coffee Morning

04feb12:00 pm2:30 pmManchester Slimming World

04feb12:15 pm1:15 pmMacclesfield Tuesday Tao

04feb1:30 pm2:30 pmManchester Geographical Society

05feb1:00 pm1:30 pmManchester Wednesday Service

05feb7:30 pm9:00 pmMacclesfield Wednesday Circle Dance

06feb7:30 pm8:30 pmMacclesfield Sacred Thursday Drumming Circle

07feb7:00 pm7:30 pmWilmslow Friday Meditation

09feb9:30 am10:30 amHale Barns Sunday Service

09feb10:00 am11:00 amUrmston Sunday Service

09feb10:00 am11:00 amMacclesfield Sunday Service

09feb10:30 am11:30 amChorlton Sunday Service

09feb10:45 am11:45 amEccles Sunday Service

09feb10:45 am11:45 amManchester Sunday Service

09feb11:00 am12:00 pmOldham Sunday Service

09feb11:00 am12:00 pmKnutsford Sunday Service

09feb11:15 am12:15 pmWilmslow Sunday Service

09feb11:30 am12:30 pmAltrincham Sunday Service

09feb6:00 pm7:00 pmStyal Sunday Service

11feb10:00 am11:00 amKnutsford Coffee Morning

11feb10:00 am12:00 pmEccles Tuesday Coffee Morning

11feb12:00 pm2:30 pmManchester Slimming World

11feb12:15 pm1:15 pmMacclesfield Tuesday Tao

11feb1:30 pm2:30 pmManchester Geographical Society

11feb7:30 pm8:30 pmChorlton Unitarian Trinity: Freedom, Reason, Tolerance

12feb1:00 pm1:30 pmManchester Wednesday Service

13feb10:30 am12:00 pmHale Barns Thursday Group

14feb7:00 pm7:30 pmWilmslow Friday Meditation

16feb9:30 am10:30 amHale Barns Sunday Service

16feb10:00 am11:00 amUrmston Sunday Service

16feb10:00 am11:00 amMacclesfield Sunday Service

16feb10:30 am11:30 amChorlton Sunday Service

16feb10:45 am11:45 amManchester Sunday Service

16feb10:45 am11:45 amEccles Sunday Service

16feb11:00 am12:00 pmKnutsford Sunday Service

16feb11:00 am12:00 pmOldham Sunday Service

16feb11:15 am12:15 pmWilmslow Sunday Service

16feb11:30 am12:30 pmAltrincham Sunday Service

16feb2:15 pm3:15 pmRivington Sunday Service

16feb6:00 pm7:00 pmStyal Sunday Service

18feb10:00 am11:00 amKnutsford Coffee Morning

18feb10:00 am12:00 pmEccles Tuesday Coffee Morning

18feb12:00 pm2:30 pmManchester Slimming World

18feb12:15 pm1:15 pmMacclesfield Tuesday Tao

18feb1:30 pm2:30 pmManchester Geographical Society

18feb7:30 pm8:30 pmChorlton Unitarian Trinity: Freedom, Reason, Tolerance

19feb11:00 am12:00 pmUrmston - "Our Common Search For Meaning"

19feb1:00 pm1:30 pmManchester Wednesday Service

20feb7:00 pm8:00 pmAltrincham Singing Meditation

20feb7:30 pm8:30 pmMacclesfield Sacred Thursday Drumming Circle

20feb7:30 pm8:30 pmOldham Folk Sing

21feb7:00 pm7:30 pmWilmslow Friday Meditation

23feb9:30 am10:30 amHale Barns Sunday Service

23feb10:00 am11:00 amMacclesfield Sunday Service

23feb10:00 am11:00 amUrmston Sunday Service

23feb10:30 am11:30 amChorlton Sunday Service

23feb10:45 am11:45 amManchester Sunday Service

23feb10:45 am11:45 amEccles Sunday Service

23feb11:00 am12:00 pmOldham Sunday Service

23feb11:00 am12:00 pmKnutsford Sunday Service

23feb11:15 am12:15 pmWilmslow Sunday Service

23feb11:30 am12:30 pmAltrincham Sunday Service

23feb6:00 pm7:00 pmStyal Sunday Service

23feb6:00 pm7:00 pmStyal Sunday Service

25feb10:00 am11:00 amKnutsford Coffee Morning

25feb10:00 am12:00 pmEccles Tuesday Coffee Morning

25feb12:00 pm2:30 pmManchester Slimming World

25feb12:15 pm1:15 pmMacclesfield Tuesday Tao

25feb1:30 pm2:30 pmManchester Geographical Society

25feb7:30 pm8:30 pmChorlton Silent Meditation

26feb1:00 pm1:30 pmManchester Wednesday Service

28feb1:00 pm3:00 pmManchester - Darkness to Light Recital

28feb7:00 pm7:30 pmWilmslow Friday Meditation

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