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Please note that all in-person events and services have now been postponed until 2nd December at the earliest, following the second lockdown in the UK.

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Welcome to Altrincham Unitarians

At Altrincham Unitarians, our chapel is open to all who wish to worship with an open mind and a spirit of free inquiry. While having our roots in Liberal Christianity, equally we also seek to discover and build on the best in many religions, philosophies and approaches to life. Our worship is simple, generally including praise to God and a celebration of life & it’s wonders. Finally, we also enjoy sharing of concerns and ideals for human life and its dignity.

Above all, perhaps the main feature of our religion is that we do not insist that everyone should hold exactly the same beliefs. Rather, we prefer that each person is encouraged to work out his or her own faith with sincerity.

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We proudly provide same-sex marriages!

We proudly provide same-sex marriages at Dunham Road Chapel! Get in touch with us today for more information.

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About Us

Our Minister

Rev Danny Crosby

At Altrincham Unitarians, our ministers strive to create an open and inclusive environment. We believe in the idea of living in our faith of the divine spirit of life. Furthermore, we act through a loyalty to social justice, evidenced through not only words, but also our deeds. 

Rev. Danny Crosby also runs a blog that gives his personal insight into many different aspects of Unitarianism and life as a minister. To view the blog please click below:

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Altrincham Unitarians services are normally held on Sunday at 11.00am, however, please see programme for any special changes.
The worships have no set liturgy, rather, many follow a traditional form with readings, prayers, hymn singing and a sermon. Our minister (Rev. Danny Crosby) leads the majority of our worship however, lay members and visitors are often welcomed into our pulpit. We try to be welcoming and friendly, accordingly, anyone who wishes to join us at the chapel is encouraged to do so. Our services are simple but meaningful. 

All visitors and enquirers are made most welcome and are also invited to join us for coffee and a chat after the service.

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Danny Crosby

Rev Danny Crosby


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The Chapel

The Chapel was built in 1872, which replaced an earlier chapel in the town (1814). The architect of the chapel was Thomas Worthington, some of whose relatives were long time members of the chapel. Our chapel gives an almost spiritual feeling of inner peace, due to the simple, tranquil interior. The three stained glass memorial windows at the front of the chapel were a later addition. Furthermore, the original windows showing flowers, plants and the seasons are on the south side of the chapel.

A wide range of activities, beside worship, take place in the chapel and its adjacent small and large halls.  We host many activities, for example: meetings, exhibitions and religious education. In addition, we also host plays, dancing, social gatherings and concerts. We enjoy engaging with all sorts of people, consequently many of our activities are outward-looking towards the local community.

Altrincham Unitarians are affiliated to the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches and as a result, have links with other liberal religious groups all over the world.

Altrincham Unitarians,
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