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At Rivington Unitarians, above all, we gather as communities of liberal religious tradition. Although founded in Christianity, we welcome people of many faiths or none at all. Accordingly, we like to share and learn as we find pathways to the God of our own understanding.

Rivington Unitarians also subscribe to a national co-ordinating body, which is known as: The General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches. We have resolved:

“To promote a free and inquiring religion through the worship of God and the celebration of life. Secondly, the service of humanity and respect for all creation. Thirdly, the upholding of the liberal Christian tradition.”

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Although it is not restricted by dogma, Rivington Unitarians worship can be viewed as a celebration of our deepest values. We also see our religious beliefs as relevant to all aspects of life including the wider community.

Vince McCully is our Lay Person in Charge, who looks after the pastoral needs of the congregation, as well as taking six services during the year. 

Despite it’s historical appeal, the chapel is very much a part of the modern world, boasting a wide age range. We actively support both local charities and also those promoted by the Manchester District Association. Moreover, our schoolroom is leased out as a tea room to a well- established independent caterer. This is particularly popular with walkers and with cyclists who love the area.

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we proudly provide same-sex marriages!

We proudly provide same-sex marriages at Rivington Unitarian Chapel! Get in touch with us today for more information.

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The historic congregation dates from the 1662 separation from the Parish church, the chapel itself was however, built of local stone in 1703, while It’s historical importance is recognised by English Heritage. Additionally, the restored interior contains the original box pews and a stone memorial to Lord Willoughby, one of its founders. Furthermore, the descendants of George Brownlow, another of its founders, held a service in 17th century costume. Finally, a plaque by the yew tree indicates a link with Walt Whitman, the American poet.

lay person

vince mccully

Rivington Unitarians ministers strive to create an open and inclusive environment. As a result, we encourage the idea of living in our faith of the divine spirit of life. This is done through a commitment to social justice, which is evidenced through not only words, but also deeds. 

Vince has just completed his term as the General Assembly President for which he served the national congregations.

Of course, feel free to get in touch with Vince for a friendly chat if you have any questions.

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vince mccully

lay preacher & secretary

  • 01257 483733

  • vinmcul@hotmail.co.uk

mary horrocks

rites of passage

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frank ashcroft

chapel keeper & treasurer

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alison whitaker


  • 01942 816569

  • whitaker@bearon.org.uk

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