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Dear all,

Following the COVID-19 lockdown we will be aiming to gradually resume our normal services. We are beginning this process by starting with our Sunday Service on the 13th of December. We will be implementing a social distancing policy and restricting numbers in order to help protect our chapel members; ensuring both their safety and the safety of their families. We aim to resume our other services and activities when appropriate. For further information please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

Norcliffe Chapel

Welcome to Styal Unitarians

Certainly, Styal Unitarians welcome all who wish to worship with an open and enquiring mind. Our chapel’s tradition is rooted in liberal Christianity but we do not insist that everyone should have exactly the same beliefs. Today, our search for spiritual, ethical or religious “truth” may also draw on wisdom other religions, as well as philosophies and approaches to life. Our focus is on how we live our lives (deeds) rather than beliefs (creeds).

Member of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches. Additionally, we are also a member of Churches Together In Wilmslow.

Norcliffe Chapel, Styal

We proudly provide same-sex marriages!

We proudly provide same-sex marriages at Norcliffe Chapel! Get in touch with us today for more information.


About Us

Our Minister

Styal Unitarians minister, Reverend Alex Bradley MA, has now retired, having been at Norcliffe since 2005. There is currently no minister in place, however we will have the following people hosting our services on the second Sunday of the month:

October – Francis Elliot Wright
November – Rev. Andrew Parker
December – Rev. Ant Howe
January and February – Garry Hammond – Lay person

Please reach out to us for more information.


Overall, Styal Unitarians services of worship can be seen as a celebration of our deepest values. For example, we see our beliefs as relevant to all aspects of life; this also includes the wider community. 

We try to be welcoming and friendly, accordingly, anyone who wishes to join us at the chapel is encouraged to do so. All visitors and enquirers are made most welcome and are also invited to join us for coffee and a chat after the service.

Of course, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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The Chapel

In 1784 Samuel Greg founded Quarry Bank Mill, a cotton mill, at Styal. The mill was a success, but in such a rural location Greg found it necessary to provide housing for his workers, and as a result, the village grew considerably. Subsequently, institutions were established to meet the educational, social and religious needs of the villagers.

Samuel Greg funded the entirety of the new Chapel, at  a cost of £307 18s. On 22 August 1822, everyone was invited to lay a brick for the foundation of the new Chapel, before it officially opened in early 1823. Thus, Styal Unitarians was born!

The Chapel has existed since 1823, while the original Trust Deed states it is for: “The worship of God; and the furtherance of Christian life; while free from the fetters of any written and unwritten; declaration of doctrine”.

Norcliffe Chapel,
(Off) Altrincham Road,

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Everyone is welcome in our community!

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