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At Eccles Unitarians, our church is open to all who wish to worship and explore their faith with an open mind, in a spirit of free inquiry. Although Unitarians have their roots in Liberal Christianity nevertheless, we look to many different perspectives. For example, we aim to discover and build upon the best in religious, philosophies and approaches to life. Overall, our worship is simple: firstly, we enjoy praise to God known by any name or none. Secondly, we celebrate life and its many wonders, and finally, we share concerns and ideals for human life and its dignity.

Above all, perhaps the main feature of Uniarians is that we do not insist that everyone should hold exactly the same beliefs. Rather, each person is encouraged to work out his or her own faith with sincerity. Hence, we aim to help each person do this within a living, loving community.

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The Eccles Unitarians services celebrate and explore all aspects of life including the wider community. Generally, our services consist of sermons, music and hymn-singing, as well as readings, prayer and meditation. It should be noted however, there is no set liturgy. Overall, we try to be welcoming and friendly, allowing anyone who wishes to join us and take part in the life of the Church. Our services aim to be simple but meaningful. Additionally, special services take place regularly throughout the year. 

All visitors and enquirers are made most welcome and are invited to join us for coffee and a chat after the service. 

  • sunday service - 10.45am

  • yoga

  • art club

  • blessings

  • choir

  • weddings

  • baptisms

  • funerals

we proudly provide same-sex marriages!

We proudly provide same-sex marriages at Monton Unitarian Church! Get in touch with us today for more information.

the church

Monton Unitarian Church has a long history of Protestant dissent dating back to 1668.

There have been four houses of worship on this site, the first of which was torn down in 1715 by a Jacobite mob. Originally, the congregation was English Presbyterian, before becoming Unitarian in the late 1700’s. However, only with the passage of the Bill of 1844 was Unitarianism openly recognised as the faith at Monton Church.

The current church was officially opened on 23 September 1875. We are very proud of our incredible collection of stained glass windows, depicting both biblical characters, but also notable figures such as Plato, Socrates, William Shakespeare etc.

our minister

rev. anna jarvis

Our minister, Anna Jarvis, trained at Unitarian College Manchester, before qualifying in June 2014. Furthermore, Anna has been a member of the Unitarians since she was 16 and had also led services for nearly ten years before entering training! As well as being a minister, Anna is a mother to three young children, enjoys singing, and aspires to be a vegetable-grower! 

Please do contact Anna with any questions.  You should also get in touch with Anna to arrange a visit, rite of passage, or just for a chat.

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rev. anna jarvis


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