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” Many years ago I attended the wedding ceremony of two dear friends at Brook Street Chapel, the only place of worship at the time within Knutsford that allowed divorcees to be married; it was a touching and joyful experience.  Little did I expect five years ago that my children and I would encounter real difficulties in finding a venue for my husband’s funeral; very thankfully we were given the warmest of welcomes by everyone at Brook Street Chapel and the service proved to be the beautiful celebration of the life of a wonderful husband and father that we had hoped for.

Since that day I have become a Member as well as a Trustee of the Chapel, act as Safeguarding Person, enjoy helping with our monthly Family Services and have made many wonderful friends!  Our weekly services are varied in content with something for everyone and we all have the opportunity to actively participate and contribute.   There is a healthy focus throughout our worship on examining the way we each lead our lives and consequently we respect each other’s differences and share an acceptance of other views and beliefs.   I love this inclusivity and leave each week with plenty to think about as well as feeling very positive and at peace with myself.  “

helen smithson

brook street chapel, knutsford

judith burrows

king edward street chapel, macclesfield

” I came to the chapel looking for a place to marry in 2004. I had previously been a member of a nearby Unitarian chapel but hadn’t found it very different to the United Reformed Church that I had belonged to. I have found that King Edward Street Chapel has allowed me to gives me the opportunity to doubt, question, and to change my mind about my beliefs.

I respect all of the holy books, however, I have a problem with the fact that all these books have been written by humans and I would prefer to bear witness myself to the wonder of the world as it is now. At King Edward Street, my beliefs are accepted and respected and so it is my spiritual home. “

” Feeling deflated that I was unable to find a religion that worked with my beliefs, I stopped worship altogether. 2 years later however, I received a flyer through my door advertising all the local Christmas day services in my area. Norcliffe Chapel in Styal was the one that stood out, as I had often passed by whilst out for a walk. I had never been to a Unitarian service before, so decided to give it a try. The rest is history!

It felt like a comfy pair of shoes, and just what I had been searching for all these years. I was soon elected onto the committee, and have remained a member for the last 5 years. In April last year, I became the main Authorised Person, and Wedding Secretary for all weddings including same sex marriages. “

natasha stanley

norcliffe chapel, styal

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