about the congregations

There are around 170 local congregations in the UK, most of which are in England with four in Scotland and over twenty in Wales. The purpose of a Unitarian congregation is:

  • to meet the spiritual needs of the individual in the context of a loving community;
  •  to share joy and to offer comfort in times of trial;
  • to enjoy warmth of fellowship;
  • to make itself welcoming, inclusive and a blessing to the wider world.

Congregations may be called churches, meetings, chapels or fellowships. They may have a minister – who may be a woman or a man – or be led by a lay person or a leadership group. They vary considerably in size, from over a hundred to fewer than ten, and in the scope of their activities. They meet in their own buildings, in hired premises or in private homes.

With 13 congregations across the Manchester district, reaching the Unitarians has never been easier! For more details, click on a congregation below.

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