2021 Annual GA Meeting

The General Assembly of Unitarian & Free Christian Churches

I’m sure it will not come as a big surprise to most of you to learn that we have had to cancel this year’s GA Annual Meetings in Birmingham for safety reasons.

However we do still want / need to have the business meeting, and we will therefore be looking to do this online. We are going to do the business over a single day, and have decided on Saturday 24 April, to allow easier attendance for working people.


So what will this involve?

Well, we’re still working on it, but broadly we’re looking to do about four hours of ‘business’ split across multiple sessions with breaks in between, on Zoom. Voting on motions will take place online through a different programme.


Do I need to register and how much will it cost?

Yes you need to register, though it’ll be free. We’ll be putting online registration up nearer the time. Everyone will need to register in advance by 03 April. As with the normal meetings, we will need to check voting eligibility and create voter lists, but will also then need to send login details to those people in advance to allow them to vote, as well as making papers available.


What about all the other events that make up the Annual Meetings?

We are currently looking to run a separate worship service, a little like the Anniversary Service, at a different time. This will also be via Zoom, but won’t require pre-registration.

On the 24th, we will not be running the usual Affiliated Society events, or our own training sessions, workshops or lectures. We are intending to run a number of such events over several months instead. These will also be on Zoom. Some of the Affiliated Societies will also likely run their own events online. We’ll advertise these through Uni-News and on the Events page on the GA website.


Attached please find the 2021 general information sheet, and the Formal Notice of Meeting. For those considering submitting motions, the attached Guidelines For Submitting a Motion may be useful.

Other documents, such as the Agenda, Standing Orders, Annual Report (when available in March) and any general reports will be made available through our website in due course.



The GA Staff Team

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