Chorlton Gatherings 08/11

Chorlton Online Gatherings - 08/11

Dear Friends


Please see below the details of our gatherings this week.


Tuesday 9th November, 7 – 7.45 pm: Diwali Meditation on Light (on Zoom)

An interfaith meditation on inner light for Diwali, the festival of lights, which is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Nepalese Buddhists.  Led by Laura Dobson. No previous experience of meditation required. All welcome.


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Thursday 11th November, 7 – 8.15 pm: Heart and Soul on Zoom

Heart and Soul is a contemplative spiritual gathering in which you can take time to reflect on life in the company of others. Each session follows a regular pattern, including readings and music, time for guided prayers of gratitude, compassion for others, self-reflection, and silent meditation. Led by Laura Dobson. All welcome. This week’s theme is ‘Companionship.’


‘When we take up the disciplined life, we need companions. The spiritual journey is joyful; it should

not be made alone. Those who travel the path with us will share the adventure and the hardship.

They will pull us up when we slide and relax with us beside refreshing streams.’ — Emilie Griffin


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Sunday 14th November 10:30 – 11:30 am Sunday Gathering on Zoom and in Church

Join us for our Remembrance Sunday worship service, led by Laura Dobson . All welcome.


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Meeting ID: 868 9873 0361

Passcode: 101861


Information for those coming to church


Government coronavirus restrictions have now been lifted in England. However, the virus is still very much with us and we will therefore continue to take precautions in the church building as follows:




We will, however, be keeping a record of who attends for test and trace purposes. 


Chairs will be still be spaced apart – at 1 metre distance at the front and at 2 metres at the back. We will open the back door so that you can enter and leave at the back if that feels more comfortable.  


We will continue to open the windows to ensure good ventilation. We will continue our sanitising routine in the church, including asking you to continue sanitising the toilets after use, please.


Face coverings are no longer mandatory in places of worship, but if you choose not to wear one, please ensure you maintain 2 metres social distancing from others at all times. Spare face coverings will be available for those who want to wear one and have forgotten to bring one.


If you can, please take a lateral flow test within 24 hours before attending church. These are available from GPs and pharmacies, and we will try to make some spares available at the church each week.


We will of course be continuing to livestream services on Zoom for those who are unable or not comfortable to attend church.


We look forward to seeing you soon on Zoom or in the Church


A reminder of our bank account details if you are able to make a donation:


Sort code: 40 11 56     

Account number: 40716286

Bank: HSBC 

Account name: Chorlton Unitarian Church




Linda Paris


Chorlton Unitarian Church