Chorlton & Macclesfield Online Gatherings 19/04

Chorlton & Macclesfield Online Gatherings - 19/04

Dear Friends

Please see below the details of our gatherings this week.

Tuesday 20th April 12:30 – 1:30 pm – Tao on Tuesday on Zoom

Join the Macclesfield congregation for our meditation on the Tao Te Ching. We read a short passage, enjoy a time of shared silence for meditation and then share our reflections on the text. All welcome.

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Meeting ID: 950 4205 6056

Passcode: 752077


Tuesday 20th April 7:00 – 8:15 pm Tasting Plum Village Meditation on Zoom

Hilary Bichovsky will lead us in exploring the Plum Village (Thich Nhat Hanh’s community) approach to meditation and mindfulness. We are currently working with the meditations from Tich Nhat Hahn’s book, ‘Living Buddha, Living Christ’. All welcome.

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Meeting ID: 465 715 3726
Passcode: deepspace


Wednesday 21st April 7:00 – 8:15 pm Heart and Soul on Zoom

Heart and Soul is a contemplative spiritual gathering in which you can take time to reflect on life in the company of others. Each session follows a regular pattern, including readings and music, time for guided prayers of gratitude, compassion for others, self-reflection, and silent meditation. 

This week’s theme is ‘Art’, led by Laura Dobson. All welcome.

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Meeting ID: 928 2574 9054

Passcode: 200856


Thursday 22nd April 10:00 – 11:30 am Zoom Coffee Morning on Zoom

An informal space to catch up and chat about how we are doing; drop in any time between 10 and 11.30 am, all welcome.

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Meeting ID: 990 8002 2219

Passcode: 059692


Sunday 25th April 10.30 – 11:30 am Sunday Gathering on Zoom and in the Church 

Join us for our weekly worship service, led by Eve Cunningham. All welcome.

This week’s theme is ‘Let us Look to This Day’.

“On awakening, bless this day, for it is life”  

“Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is a vision, but today well lived makes yesterday a memory of happiness, and tomorrow a vision of hope. 

Look well, therefore, to this day.”

Words are taken from a Sanskrit poem.

Eve will be leading the service from the church.

Although some of our worship leaders will be leading services on Zoom from home, there are 14 places available in the church for anyone who would like to come and watch/listen to the service there. 

Please reply to this email, or contact me at to book your place.

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Chorlton Unitarian Church will remain open for individual prayer at any time. Anyone who wishes to access the building for this purpose, but who does not hold a key should contact Sheila Cass, who lives next door to the church. Please call her on 07805 219017 beforehand.

A reminder of our bank account details if you are able to make a donation:

Sort code: 40 11 56     

Account number: 40716286

Bank: HSBC 

Account name: Chorlton Unitarian Church


Linda Paris


Chorlton Unitarian Church