Macclesfield Gatherings – 25/04

Macclesfield Gatherings - 25/04

Dear friends
Here are the details of our gatherings this week
Tuesday 26th April 12.30 – 1.30 pm: Tao on Tuesday in Chapel
Join us for our meditation on the Tao Te Ching. We read a short passage, enjoy a time of shared silence for meditation and then share our reflections on the text. All welcome.
Tuesday 26th April 7 – 7.45 pm: Breath Prayer Meditation – on Zoom
Join the Unitarian transformers for a meditation, based on the deeply calming ancient practice of aligning the breath with the repetition of sacred words and phrases, found in both Christianity and Buddhism. No previous experience of meditation is required. Led by Laura Dobson. All welcome.

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Thursday 28th April 1 – 2.15 pm: Exploring Unitarianism Engagement Group – in Chapel
Join us to explore our wider movement – Unitarianism in the UK – our national organisation, districts, congregations, and societies – how does it all fit together? Each session will be ‘stand-alone’ so there is no need to have attended previous sessions. Led by Laura Dobson. All welcome.
Thursday 28th April 7 – 8.15 pm: Heart and Soul on Zoom
Heart and Soul is a contemplative spiritual gathering in which you can take time to reflect on life in the company of others. Each session follows a regular pattern, including readings and music, time for guided prayers of gratitude, compassion for others, self-reflection, and silent meditation. Led by Laura Dobson. All welcome. 
This week’s theme is ‘Home.’
‘Your true home is in the here and now.’ Thich Nhat Hanh
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Thursday 28th April 7.30 – 9.30 pm: Sacred Drumming in Chapel
Organised by Karen Barber and friends. Please bring your own drum or other percussion instrument. All welcome.
Saturday 30th April 7 – 9.30 pm: Ruth Blake in concert in Chapel (£15 on the door)
Join ethereal singer-songwriter and medicine woman, Ruth Blake, for a special evening of musical connection and sacred togetherness. Rich with symbol and story-telling, Blake weaves hypnotic guitar riffs and tender poetry with rambunctious offbeat grooves and playful word-smithery. With shades of Joni Mitchell, Natalie Merchant, Jesca Hoop and Yael Naem, she shares her captivating voice and unique take on the interplay between darkness and light, humanity and divinity, grit and pearl. Blake is deeply connected to the Bwiti tradition of Gabon in West Africa and has partaken in various initiation rituals through which she has received the names ‘Mbilou’ – the Eagle, and ‘Bovenga’ – the Lioness. She is deeply committed to integrity, wisdom, and the healing of humanity, and continues to work with teachers who follow animist ways of relating that are common to indigenous wisdom traditions from around the world. 







*£15 on the door

( doors open at 6.30pm ) 

*Free parking opposite the Chapel

*This is an alcohol free event. Please bring your own refreshments

*There will be interval during the performance 
Sunday 1st May 10 – 11 am: Sunday Gathering in Chapel
Beltane / May Day – Festival of fertility and flourishing – when the King married the Goddess of the land – join us to explore sovereignty, fertility and flourishing. Led by Laura Dobson. All welcome.
“In our native myths and stories, Sovereignty represents the creative, regenerative, life-giving feminine principle; when it is balanced by the good masculine – when the goddess of the land enters into a sacred marriage with the true king of the people – then the land is fertile and people safe from harm.” Sharon Blackie