Monton Church Worship – 26/07

Monton Church Worship - 26/07

Dear friends

A wealth of material for you today.  First of all, you’ll find the latest edition of our monthly newsletter on our congregation page – some serious stuff, and a few giggles as well.  Please do read it to get the full update on what’s happening at Monton Church, especially with regard to re-opening.
I am on leave – from the moment this email is sent (phew!), till Sunday 2nd August, and then again Friday 7th August to Friday 14th August.  Please as far as possible try to not to contact me during those times – Mavis Sumner, whose number is on the back of the newsletter should be contacted in the first instance, and in emergencies, she will then contact me. Thank you so much for honouring that as far as possible – it’s been a long hard six months!  
Which leads me to thank two members of our congregation for taking the services on those two Sundays – tomorrow, our service is led by Dave Speers, and on Sunday 9th August it will be led by Pam Ward.
And the service links for tomorrow are below, as normal.
A word document at the bottom of this post.
A video link here – or look up Monton Unitarian Church Youtube channel! (Do consider subscribing to our YouTube Channel – I’m determined to beat my young son’s subscriber numbers!)
And the Zoom link here for those who wish to join live on Sunday morning at 10.40am.
Anna Jarvis is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
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Thank you all so much for being you, and being here!