One World Cafe Infection Control

One World Cafe Infection Control

Dear Friends,


Andy has contacted me concerning the use of the chapel tomorrow, Thursday 26th March, for the distribution of food. I understand that this is a request from UKeff.

As lettings officer with a responsibility to ensure compliance under the existing infection control guidelines I have agreed to this arrangement.

However, I do have to reiterate that the café and the kitchen are out of bounds except to the One World Hub staff who are using the café and kitchen in line with social service requirements to care for a number of vulnerable adults, on occasional days during the week. 

If One World Staff are in attendance and Ukeff volunteers require refreshments then a member of staff, when requested, will provide such refreshments and bring it into the chapel where it may be consumed. If there are no One World Hub staff present, then such responsibility will fall to Andy Clark. Andy has kindly volunteered to keep an eye on the premises during this period.

I’m grateful to Andy for undertaking this responsibility.

All good wishes


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