Sunday Service with Danny Crosby

Sunday Service with Danny Crosby

Hi all,

Just to let folks know that from Sunday 19th April at 11am Dunham Road Unitarian Chapel, Altrincham and Queens Road  Unitarian Free Church, Urmston will be broadcasting a regular service through Zoom. All are most welcome to join us. The Meeting ID: 841 9082 8195

This is a recurring meeting.  Any groups that will be hosted by either congregation will be using the same Meeting ID:  841 9082 8195

The Title for this Sunday’s Service at 11am is “How the Rainbow Works”
It will explore how we can be lifted up and encouraged by the simple, ordinary things that we vision with our eyes. How courage and hope can be found in the most simple of things in life. It will also explore  symbols of connection, the things that help build bridges, between one another, but also between the past, present and future. Recognising the deep connections in life and how sometime we need courage, to live in and by Hope to strengthen them.

The following is an extract from the service. It got me thinking about the things I and others see, in our ordinary lives when we lift up our eyes, our vision, when we live in hope, not expectation or optimism, but hope. As I did I remembered a lovely poem in “We Pledge Our Hearts: A Treasury of Poems, Quotations and Readings to Celebrate Love and Marriage” by Edward Searl. The poem is “Vision” by May Thielgaard Watts

Vision by May Thielgaard Watts
To-day there have been lovely things I never saw before; Sunlight through a jar of marmalade; A blue gate; A rainbow In soapsuds on dishwater; Candlelight on butter; The crinkled smile of a little girl Who had new shoes with tassels; A chickadee on a thorn-apple; Empurpled mud under a willow, Where white geese slept; White ruffled curtains sifting moonlight On the scrubbed kitchen floor; The under side of a white-oak leaf; Ruts in the road at sunset; An egg yolk in a blue bowl. My love kissed my eyes last night.

A lovely piece don’t you think?

When we live in heart, in courage, in love, we can see these signs of hope, even in our own homes, if we are confined within them. It comes in the little things, thus sayeth the Lord.

We all need to keep our senses open, in order to see these things. Just because we are in physical lockdown it does not mean that we have to be in sensory shutdown. I wonder what symbols of hope I will see these next few days. I wonder if I will see any rainbows, please let me know if you do.