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Hindu Connections - "The Calcutta Connection:" The Brahmo Samaj and Liberal Hinduism

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Time: 19.00 – 20.00 
Date: Wednesday, 6th July 2022
“The Calcutta Connection:” The Brahmo Samaj and Liberal Hinduism
The Brahmo founder, Ram Mohan Roy, helped establish the Calcutta (Kolkata) Unitarian Association. Ram Mohan Roy was a celebrated Indian reformer who campaigned for women’s rights and this year is the 250th Anniversary of his birth.
The Brahmo Samaj literally denotes community (Sanskrit: ‘samaj’) of people who worship Brahman the highest reality.
Kate is interested in this topic due to the historic connections between the Brahmo Samaj, the Oxford congregation (where she did her ministry training) and Rosslyn Hill Chapel where she is  currently the minister.
[Brahmo Samaj, (Sanskrit: “Society of Brahma”) Brahmo also spelled Brahma, theistic movement within Hinduism, founded in Calcutta [now Kolkata] in 1828 by Ram Mohan Roy. The Brahmo Samaj does not accept the authority of the Vedas, has no faith in avatars (incarnations), and does not insist on belief in karma (causal effects of past deeds) or samsara (the process of death and rebirth). It discards Hindu rituals and adopts some Christian practices in its worship. Influenced by Islam and Christianity, it denounces polytheism, image worship, and the caste system. The society has had considerable success with its programs of social reform but has never had a significant popular following. (Quote taken from Britannica Web Site)]
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19.00 – 19.05 Lizzie Opening / Chalice Lighting – Indra Introduces Speakers
19.05 – 19.10 Sureshji – Opening Mantra
19.10 – 19.30 Kate’s Talk
19.30 – 19.50 Q and A
19.50 – 19.55 Sureshji – Closing Mantra
19.55 – 20.00 Indra thanks all and announces next meeting date