Online Events With Danny

Online Events With Danny

“The Colours of Grief: Our Shared Expereince of Love and Loss”

On Saturday 25th of April at 3pm a space will be opened and held for anyone to come and share their experiences of grief and loss and love.

This will be hosted by Zoom. The ID 841 9082 8195 is the same as it is for all events I will be hosting for either congregation Altrincham and Urmston and no password is required.

Meeting ID 841 9082 8195

The one thing that unites all people is love and loss, regardless of faith, doubt and belief. It is hoped that through our shared experiences we can help one another come a place of loving acceptance…The invitation is not only bring yourselves and your memories but to bring your whole selves no matter how broken. All that is asked is that you come with your hearts, minds and souls open and that you respect all present. People are also invited to share mementos and pictures and written material that has helped in the darker days.

There will be an opportunity to light a candle of remembrance during our shared time together

All are most welcome…Come as you are, exactly as you are…but do not expect to leave in exactly the same condition…

We will be in touch soon to let you know how we will manage the process of refunding registration fees.

Our intention is that we will find ways to offer some of the Annual Meetings experience in other ways, as it seems more important than ever that we find ways to connect with each other while we are unable to gather in person in the same way.

Our priority is to do what we can to help our members and the wider community be well in body, spirit, and mind during the uncertainty and challenging conditions that have arisen due to this pandemic. 

We will provide more information shortly. We are anticipating many of the queries that might arise, and so we would be grateful if you would await our next communication on the practicalities around the Annual Meeting before getting in touch with the office – hopefully we will be answering your question very soon anyway. As you can imagine, there is a lot to consider as we re-plan our approach. 

Wishing you peace and good health

Sunday Service at 11am Zoom Meeting ID 841 9082 8195 

“The Final Freedom: Choose Life, Choose One’s Attitude”

Sunday 26th April at 11am

A service led by Rev Danny Crosby and Susan Crosby. Sources of inspiration include Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search For Meaning”, Mary Shelley’s “The Last Man”, Moses, Nietzsche, Parker J Palmer, and personal reflections on our lives, professions and the current situation we all find ourselves in.

All are most welcome…Come as you are, exactly as you are…but do not expect to leave in exactly the same condition…