Marian Nuttall (1932-2021)

Marian Nuttall (1932-2021)

Dear Friends,

Sad news, our much loved friend, Marian Nuttall passed away last Friday at Dr Kershaws hospice, Oldham. She was 89 and had been attending Unitarian Chapel Oldham since she was three years old. Marian was a key member of the congregation and had been for many years an active member of the chapel committee.  Without her and one or two other determined members, the chapel would not have survived the crises of the 1960s or seen the construction of the chapel building we currently inhabit.

She was as you all know, a lovely joyful woman, with a sense of humour to match. She was always a great friend (as she was to everyone else) supporting and giving much encouragement in my first few years of ministry.

We shall remember her in our prayers, together on Sunday.

God bless,

All good wishes,

Bob Pounder